Saturday, July 9, 2011

Top 5 Homing Mine Levels

1.Eriksonslittlehelper's "EPICJETPLATFORM" which features an AWESOME DEATAILED JET PACK TYPE THING. Apparently it's from the Cold War!

2.kenyweb7's "new gajets" Yes, i know he has bad grammar, but it is a really good level with good detailing. 
The homing mines in this level are the robots (DUH!)

3. Okay, this next one is here because it was the first time I'd seen any one do so. Turbopro's " mine powered car" The title says it all.

4. GTAStarKliller18's "*SAW*" in which you have to make it to the finish line in 6 seconds, or else the bomb blow up. WARNING: HARD!

5.supermike's "*Minigames pt.1*" which is really just a ragdoll + Homing Mines. So, if you get stuck, you die.

 Well, that's what I have for today. Bye, have a good day.

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